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1. Vanity Plates
Are you thinking about a vanity plate for your Miata? Something that will make your car stand out, something that makes a statement, or conveys a personal message? Then you may want to visit our gallery to check out Miata plates from around the country and around the world. We ...
by Louis on 06/23 08:18AM - Story - 3,278 Hits

2. Car Talk Terms
What does Bump Steer mean? Is cornering force important? Is my Lateral Runout causing me issues? Accelerator A chemical which speeds the vulcanization of rubber; used in tire compounds to reduce curing time. Activator A rubber compound chemical used to help initiate the vulcanization process. Adjustment A prescribed allowance given ...
by Louis on 04/24 04:26PM - Story - 4,809 Hits

3. The perfect Chip
From the web How To Make The Perfect Potato Chip Click the picture for a surprise link. Potato chips might come in every flavor under the sun these days, but all the jalapeño-cheddar dust in the world won’t make up for a soggy bag of tater goodness. And here’s the ...
by Louis on 09/13 08:38AM - Story - 4,158 Hits

4. Dad and his day.
How did dad get his very own day you ask? According to the internet, father’s day is credited to Sonora Dodd of Washington. Sonora decided in 1910 to honor her father, a widowed Civil War veteran who raised Sonora as a single parent in rural eastern Washington State. Inspired by ...
by Louis on 06/14 01:36PM - Story - 1,575 Hits

5. The Adventures of Car Hobby
Carol and I have been involved in car hobby since I happened to knock on her door some years ago to ask about an old Ford truck parked out by the garage. At the time I owned an old Jeep and a Porsche that I had purchased new a few ...
by Anonymous on 12/12 04:22PM - Story - 1,885 Hits

6. The Dawn of Daylight Saving Time
Unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii, or parts of Indiana, or perhaps Puerto Rico, American Samoa, or the Virgin Islands, you will need to change your clocks on the first Sunday in November. How did we arrive at this seemingly outdated custom? Here are some thoughts from the interweb. The ...
by Louis on 10/27 09:14AM - Story - 2,127 Hits

7. Care and feeding of Door Magnets
What to do with those door magnets. If you follow these guidelines you will protect your paint and keep the magnet in good shape. When not using the door magnet, store it in a clean, dry place. If you can, stick the sign on a flat metal surface. Do not ...
by Louis on 12/19 09:57PM - Story - 1,943 Hits

8. Tattle tail
I deal with the facts. And just write what you say. Ask all your best friends what they tell me each day. Your best kept secrets, you always tell one. And they tell another. See... that's how it's done. If you seek anonymity the price will be dear. For you ...
by Louis on 12/19 10:02PM - Story - 2,076 Hits

9. A road less worn and Dreams
Life What if life were just a highway, and people just a car. We would start out at the on ramp, and if lucky, we'd go far.
by Louis on 10/19 09:46PM - Story - 1,569 Hits

10. Miata Time
What time is it? Why it's Miata Time! Read what one member thinks and see if you don't agree.
by Anonymous on 10/10 06:55PM - Story - 2,148 Hits

11. The Miata Experience
Found on the web I think it is the harmony of the notes from the exhaust, the notes from the tires making contact with the pavement, the wind passing in and around the ears, and since sound and vibration are synonymous, the feel of the wheel in your hands. All ...
by Louis on 05/05 05:47PM - Story - 2,948 Hits

12. This needs Repeating
This Needs Repeating . . . By John (aka jcutsh) From the Big Ugly Post at Several times I have seen posts, where the little Miata is put down as a girly car. I started this post with a little bit of a mad on People making fun of ...
by Louis on 11/04 12:23AM - Story - 2,441 Hits

13. Blind Mice and a Honda Beater . . .
Blind Mice and a Honda Beater . . . . a story of love and murder in Bethlehem PA April 14th, it was already spring and far too close to summer to be getting snow, but here it was again. Depending on which of your favorite weather channels you watched, ...
by Louis on 10/12 12:38PM - Story - 3,140 Hits

14. The other side - A short story.
The Other Side The truck came to a screeching halt just two short feet from the rear end of the Cadillac that was perched on the edge of the cliff. If it wasn't for the new Kelly Springfield tires, I'm sure I would have collided with it, producing disastrous results. ...
by Louis on 09/05 09:47PM - Story - 1,676 Hits

15. Dual citizenship and farming "Pocono Style"
Story Submitted by Jim Boice aka AGeek2000 Slow Eddie and Jeff were right: The Pocono Event was everything they said it would be and more. Even though I only attended the first of the two days, I learned so much about driving--not so much in driving fast but more specifically ...
by Louis on 08/08 10:48PM - Story - 1,010 Hits

16. Crazy Jake's Famous Barbecue in Walnutport
Well, this just goes to show; "One never knows, does one?" So here's the situation. After the June 11, 2006 spring Pocono drive, I took a 5 hour drive through the back roads of the Poconos on my way home. (This includeded a stop at Callie's Candy Kitchen for some ...
by Mosca on 06/12 12:14PM - Story - 36,233 Hits

17. The Funnies
A day in my life of commuting I don't make a habit of stopping at the Garden State Parkway service stations for gas on my long commute as the price is a bit steep, and the service is at best... available, but could be life threatening unless you have the ...
by Louis on 01/28 06:55PM - Story - 819 Hits