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1. You say it's your birthday?
Well not the exact day, but if you filled out your info correctly it looks like this month you did or will celebrate a birthday. CONGRATULATIONS! Bill Anderson David Boyer Joanne DaCunha Virginia Falcone Ralph Fenner John Jago George Mack III Phil Rosenberg Susan Schreck Janice Sell Alfons (Al) Setzer ...
by Louis on 07/07 10:17AM - Story - 666 Hits

2. Vanity Plates
Are you thinking about a vanity plate for your Miata? Something that will make your car stand out, something that makes a statement, or conveys a personal message? Then you may want to visit our gallery to check out Miata plates from around the country and around the world. We ...
by Louis on 06/23 08:18AM - Story - 3,278 Hits

3. Memorial day 2015
A small piece from the Gettysburg Address, and a tribute to those who served. “We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might ...
by Louis on 05/23 01:25PM - Story - 427 Hits

4. LVMOC Club Car Door Magnets
LVMOC will once again be offering Car door magnets to our members. At 0.043" think, these are heavy duty magnetsm that will hold on at high speeds or laterial forces. One size only at approximatey 10" wide x 5-1/4" high OVAL. They are black and white and waterproof. Contact any ...
by Louis on 02/10 06:35AM - Story - 1,579 Hits

5. Club Door Magnets
LVMOC will once again be offering car door magnets of the club logo to our members. At 0.043" thick, these are heavy-duty magnets, and twice as thick as a typical car magnet. They will hold on at high speeds and lateral forces that far exceed the capabilities of your Miata. ...
by Louis on 01/18 06:20AM - Story - 414 Hits

6. The GAP By Ankay
The Gap - a story of the adventures of Ankay Got off work at 6:00, swapped the smelly rental for my bright and shiny playtoy, threw my bags in and I was off. Hit a ton of bad fog late at night and had my hazards going throughout PA. No ...
by Louis on 01/13 07:18PM - Story - 666 Hits

7. Miata Plates
1,020 vanity plates from around the country sorted alphabetically by state. If you happen across something that we don't have, send it to webmaster@lvmoc.nel and we will include it. LINK
by Louis on 01/11 05:48PM - Story - 465 Hits

8. How to view only NEW POSTS since your last visit
Each time that you visit LVMOC and log on, a cookie is set on your machine. Don't get excited, it is not the kind that you can eat, it tells us when you last visited. The software uses that information to show you only those posts that have changed since ...
by Louis on 11/07 04:50AM - Story - 740 Hits

9. Plain and Peanut
Early in the 2008 driving season a few folks at the PhillyMini club were kicking around the idea of holding an event with another club, specifically a Miata club, and calling it the M&M run. They were looking for a club that enjoyed twisty roads as much as they do, ...
by Louis on 03/30 03:09PM - Story - 455 Hits

10. Car Talk Terms
What does Bump Steer mean? Is cornering force important? Is my Lateral Runout causing me issues? Accelerator A chemical which speeds the vulcanization of rubber; used in tire compounds to reduce curing time. Activator A rubber compound chemical used to help initiate the vulcanization process. Adjustment A prescribed allowance given ...
by Louis on 04/24 04:26PM - Story - 4,809 Hits

11. Larry Goldsmith
We’re sorry to announce the passing of one of our members, Lawrence D. Goldsmith Jr., 65, of Holmdel, NJ, who passed away at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City on January 27, 2012. Larry posted on our website under the name “wooddreams” and had been a member of ...
by Louis on 02/02 06:59PM - Story - 1,739 Hits

12. Pocono 2012
THANK YOU YOUNG's MAZDA! Part of group one departing Young Mazda for the 2012 annual Pocono Run For more photos of the event click HERE To join in on the discussion about the event click HERE
by Louis on 06/19 11:32AM - Story - 1,063 Hits

13. Detail Day Photos
Looking for detail day photos? Click HERE or on the photo below to go to the album.
by Louis on 04/16 07:59PM - Story - 1,166 Hits

14. The perfect Chip
From the web How To Make The Perfect Potato Chip Click the picture for a surprise link. Potato chips might come in every flavor under the sun these days, but all the jalapeño-cheddar dust in the world won’t make up for a soggy bag of tater goodness. And here’s the ...
by Louis on 09/13 08:38AM - Story - 4,158 Hits

15. Dad and his day.
How did dad get his very own day you ask? According to the internet, father’s day is credited to Sonora Dodd of Washington. Sonora decided in 1910 to honor her father, a widowed Civil War veteran who raised Sonora as a single parent in rural eastern Washington State. Inspired by ...
by Louis on 06/14 01:36PM - Story - 1,575 Hits

16. Ride Planning Guidelines
Ride Planning: First, a club officer must agree to be present at the event for it to be an official club event. Come up with an idea and post it on the website to gauge interest. The organizer must include the starting location, date, and start time for the event. ...
by Louis on 01/25 05:50PM - Story - 1,932 Hits

17. The Dawn of Daylight Saving Time
Unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii, or parts of Indiana, or perhaps Puerto Rico, American Samoa, or the Virgin Islands, you will need to change your clocks on the first Sunday in November. How did we arrive at this seemingly outdated custom? Here are some thoughts from the interweb. The ...
by Louis on 10/27 09:14AM - Story - 2,127 Hits

18. 2009 LVMOC Year End Celebration
Friendship, Good Food, Holiday Cheer and Door Prizes 2009 holiday gathering December 13th at 1:00 PM may have marked the end another great year at LVMOC, but it also marked the beginning of our annual holiday party. It was a balmy 31 degrees with snow a possibility and the salt ...
by Louis on 07/23 09:35PM - Story - 1,102 Hits

19. A tribute To Dave
Comments from friends and family on Dave Raub's Passing Dean - Dave...wherever you the sound guy a beer. He'll hook you up. Dave Bates - Boy, I will miss his smile! That's what I remember the most about Dave. Whenever I saw him, whether at LVMOC or at Dan's ...
by Louis on 06/09 08:14PM - Story - 1,121 Hits

20. Pocono 2010
It never rains on an LVMOC Drive. And that held true on Sunday, June 6, 2010 as close to thirty cars filled will curve loving top down driving Miata owners did 140 miles with tops down and smiles blazing. We did order up some showers as we ate, just to ...
by Louis on 05/28 09:28PM - Story - 674 Hits

21. LVMOC News Letter
We apologize for not following through with our promise to provide a newsletter - it seems that we cannot get anyone interested in contributing and the volunteer officer's are already tasked with other club activities. Updated June 2015. If you would like to volunteer, please contact any officer. The year ...
by Louis on 10/31 05:47PM - Story - 976 Hits

[media:200911192100033 border:0 align:auto link:0 alt:0 PM Messages] On the left side of any page in the NAVIGATION BLOCK you should see USER CONTROL PANEL. Hovering over that with your mouse you will see a popup menu with a line that reads Message center. Clicking on that will allow you to ...
by Louis on 07/11 05:56PM - Story - 2,098 Hits

23. Detail Kit
Detail kit complete with carrying bag. Meguiar's DA Polisher G110 (Retail $179.99) Meguiar's 6.5" Foam Pad (Retail $13.99) Meguiar's Professional 16oz Bottle Mirror Glaze (Retail $12.49) Hi Tech Wax (Retail $13.99) Hi Tech Wash (Retail $7.49) Fine Cut Cleaner (Retail $11.49) Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner (Retail $11.49) Final Inspection (Retail ...
by Louis on 05/31 10:15PM - Story - 1,906 Hits

24. Care and feeding of Door Magnets
What to do with those door magnets. If you follow these guidelines you will protect your paint and keep the magnet in good shape. When not using the door magnet, store it in a clean, dry place. If you can, stick the sign on a flat metal surface. Do not ...
by Louis on 12/19 09:57PM - Story - 1,943 Hits

25. LVMOC Gallery
Have you visited our Photo Gallery yet? With literally thousands of photos covering most events, there is a lot to see. You can get there by clicking on CLUB INFORMATION in the blue bar that runs accross the screen and the selecting Gallery. Once there, you will see several separate ...
by Louis on 03/17 07:20PM - Story - 980 Hits

26. TDDW
That stands for Top Down Driving Weather! I don't know about the rest of our members, but I'm ready for some top down driving weather. It's not that winter has been long, it always seems to last about . . . well, about as long as it lasts. And it's ...
by Louis on 03/02 01:06PM - Story - 752 Hits

27. Tattle tail
I deal with the facts. And just write what you say. Ask all your best friends what they tell me each day. Your best kept secrets, you always tell one. And they tell another. See... that's how it's done. If you seek anonymity the price will be dear. For you ...
by Louis on 12/19 10:02PM - Story - 2,076 Hits

28. A road less worn and Dreams
Life What if life were just a highway, and people just a car. We would start out at the on ramp, and if lucky, we'd go far.
by Louis on 10/19 09:46PM - Story - 1,569 Hits

29. The Miata Experience
Found on the web I think it is the harmony of the notes from the exhaust, the notes from the tires making contact with the pavement, the wind passing in and around the ears, and since sound and vibration are synonymous, the feel of the wheel in your hands. All ...
by Louis on 05/05 05:47PM - Story - 2,948 Hits

30. About the LVMOC
The LVMOC, based out of the Allentown-Bethlehem area, was created in the spring of 2002 after several local Miata drivers got tired of passing one another on the road, waving, and having no idea who the other person was. There were several surrounding clubs, such as PACE in central PA, ...
by Louis on 03/10 01:09PM - Story - 925 Hits

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