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Sunday, February 25 2018 @ 10:31 AM EST

2018 Club Board Members / Officers


Eric Derr - President 2018


Eric Derr (Eric)

Hello fellow LVMOC Members.  I would like to begin by introducing myself to those who I have not yet had the opportunity to meet.  My name is Eric Derr and I live in the thriving metropolis of Alburtis, PA with my wife, Michelle and our two Pugs.  I have owned my 1993 Limited Edition (“Pepe”) since Spring of 2003 after having owned my first Miata (“Tic Tac”) prior to that.  You can read about my adventure to obtain this rare Miata that I call ‘Pepe’ as the November 2005 “Miata of the Month” on on which I volunteer in website and forum operations.  Having been part of LVMOC since its inception in Spring of 2002, serving as its first President then serving additional terms as Vice President, I am proud to have been nominated to continue as your President for the 2017 year.  I have witnessed many things over LVMOC’s history – the initial growing pains of a brand new regional club, the friendships formed with other Miata and non-Miata organizations, beneficial partnerships forged with local businesses, and most importantly the introduction of new LVMOC family members.  What I promise to you and every LVMOC member is my dedication to the continued success of our club, ensuring that your leadership demonstrates the values we hold true, and making certain the accomplishments attained throughout the years will be the foundation for your future enjoyment of our events.  Keep on zoomin’ in 2017!



Louie Draxler – Vice President 2018


20170624_123816 (1).jpg


My name is Louie Draxler. My wife and I joined the Club a few years ago and have enjoyed being paid members ever since.  We participate in every run that my work schedule allows.  I like to think that my enjoyment can be described as Pre-Miata, and Post-Miata.

Pre-Miata Louie had a great life with a fantastic marriage and kids, a job that was spiritually rewarding, and a house with dogs.  I was very happy, but something was missing.  Then one day a yellow NB called to meas I drove by a dealer lot.  After two test drives, the seed had been planted.  While this car was not to be The One, it awakened a sense of harmony with the world around me.  At least the paved portions of said world.Years went by, as as the car gods would have it, I bought a Velocity Red Mazda 3 and loved it.  But what if it had RWD?  What if it had only two seats?  What if I could lover the top and let the world itself enter the very cabin?????  What if indeed.

I found The One.  A 2014 NC Cub.  Brilliant Black with True Red accents.  I looked deep into its eyes (black appearance package headlights)  and I said, "zoom zoom".  I swear it smiled a smile that has worn ever since.  

Now every destination is a meandering journey of B roads.  It often takes me 45 minutes to get a gallon of milk.  Then 45 minutes back  My wife lives the Miata lifestyle now: grabbing water every time we go out the door, knowing this might take a while.  Hydration is critical.  Ever see Water Boy?

I look forward to being your VP.

Thank you.


Alison Schaefer - Secretary 2018


Alison Schaefer ( XOOM )

Alison Schaefer’s career has undergone several incarnations, most recently as a high school teacher. Prior to that, she was a molecular biologist, a portrait photographer, as well as a domestic goddess.
Alison decided in 2014 to buy her first Miata as a Mother’s Day gift to herself, and her first LVMOC event was the Vermont DIY in 2015. She received such a warm welcome from the other participants that she became a paid member the day after her return home.
As Secretary of LVMOC, Alison hopes to give back a little to the club that has given her such joy and great friendships.


Dave Sell - Treasurer 2018


David Sell ( Flying Dutchman )

Being a life-long car nut, I started reading Road & Track and Sports Cars Illustrated in the mid-1950s and added Hot Rod Magazine in the early 1960s.  I learned to drive in my dad’s 1959 Volvo PV-544 and practiced my early “heel-and-toe” downshifts around the back roads of upper Bucks County.  My various vehicles have included a 2-stroke Saab, a VW Kombi camper, a couple of Corvettes (sounded great, but not much fun to drive), a couple of Porsches (nope, no 911s) and a few motorcycles.  I competed in some autocrosses in the 1960s and spent a day in an F2000 with the Bertil Roos Driving School in the early 2000s.  In addition to driving, Janice and I enjoyed 35 years of cruising in our various boats, and, having replaced the last boat with a motor home, we have now become RVers.  We owned a 1993 NA Miata for 17 years before replacing it with a nice, silver 2011 NC PRHT (actually, this one is Janice’s, not mine.  My daily drive is a Honda CR-V.  Oh, well…).

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to serve the Club as Treasurer for another year.


Jerry Brubaker - Governor 2018


Jerry Brubaker ( JerryB )

Cars have been a big part of my life even before I could drive.  With the kids out of the house, my wife and I started looking for a fun convertible and purchased our Miata in 2015.  I joined LVMOC in October of 2015 and have enjoyed not just the rides, but the Miata comradery as well.

After over 30 years in the Information Technology field, retiring earlier this year was easy.   I am currently enjoying life and spend a few days a week taking care of our first grandchild.



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