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First, please consider becoming a supporting member of our club with a paid Membership so you can enjoy all the site features.  

First, click around, you won't break anything.  Check our forums and articles for more detailed information, or open the how to Gallery and view the screen shots. 

How do I log in?
Look on the left hand side of the webpage for a block called "LOGIN
" and enter your username and password. If you don't have an account, register for one right below that login block by clicking on New User. If you see stuff like "My Calendar", "Account Information" and your name after the Welcome to in the blue title bar that runs across the top of the page, you are already logged in. Cookies are your friend! 

How do I change my login info or my profile?
Log in and click on MY ACCOUNT in the blue NAVIGATION BAR. Then click ACCOUNT SETTINGS. There you can do things like change your user preferences, password, or add a tag line for your posts, tell others about who you are, set forum preferences, upload an avatar and more. 

How do I get to the Gallery/Calendar/Forum?
Click the CLUB INFORMATION in the blue menu bar running across the page and select Media Gallery from the drop down menu. Be sure to check out the other options in the CLUB INFORMATION menu. 

How do I register for the Gallery/Forum/Calendar?
You don't have to. You have one login for the entire site. Your permissions in terms of posting pictures, reading articles and discussing things in the forum all feed off of your login and paid status versus web site user status. If you have not registered at the site and are logged in as "Guest", your access is limited. Register and log in to do and see more than a guest visitor.

I want to write an article for the site - how do I do it?
Click on "contribute" in the Blue bar running across the top of the page and follow the directions on the next page. Note: This is not for makig posts to our forum. You can submit an article in plain text or HTML. The Editor will check it over and submit it to the right category when it is approved. NOTE: You must be a registered user and logged in to submit an article;

But my article is really long. Do I have to write it online?
No. You can compose it elsewhere and use copy/paste.

I'm a paid member and I want my cool "" address! 
Send the
 webmaster a note with your desired name. He will let you know whether the name is available. For help in setting up your email client to get your swell new email address, send an email to the webmaster. We also offer a POP email address.

How do I submit pictures to the Gallery? You must be a paying member to post or modify anything within the gallery. Contact the 
gallery admin to get your album set up. Then Click HERE for a How-To Lessons 

I looked at the Calendar, but it's empty! Chances are you were looking at the wrong calendar. When you are logged in, you can look at one of two calendars on the site, your personal calendar, and the LVMOC Club Events calendar. The club calendar is located in the RESOURCES block on the left and is titled LVMOC EVENT CALENDAR. You may also find the club calendar in the CLUB INFORMATION menu in the blue menu bar.  You personal calendar is under the USER CONTROL PANEL in the RESOURCES block or the MY ACCOUNT drop down menu in the blue menu bar.. If you see an event that you are interested in attending, you can add it to your personal calendar. 

Can I store all of my family pictures on the gallery?
We'd rather you keep your photo's Miata related, but nobody is going to stop you from having a few pics of the newborn baby, grandchild, puppy, new water heater or for sale items stored at the site.  Please delete those after the item sells. Web space is not unlimited and we appreciate your help. Pictures may be resized for posting, but the original picture is saved and displayed when the downsized photo is clicked on. Still, you might want to downsize first to save upload time. And remember, we cannot guarantee the safety of your photos, so please retain the originals in a safe place on your system.  Best size for postinf is 550 pixles wide, best size for uploading, assuming compressed JPG is 2048 pixels wide 

Will you sell or share my email address or any personal information?

My forum avatar - are their any restrictions?
Uploaded avatars need to be 118 pixels by 118 pixels or smaller. If you need help in sizing your picture or uploading contact an officer or
webmaster .

I want out! Please stop emailing me!

Sure. Just send an officer or 
webmaster  a note and we'll take you off our list. Or, you can click on the CANCEL EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS in the blue bar that runs across the top of the page.  


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