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Monday, December 18 2017 @ 03:48 AM EST
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The FIRST Annual Polar Bear Run

Past Club Events

But that didn't stop LVMOC from kicking off 2005 with a bang with what might be called Fly-N-Mark's first annual signature Polar Bear Run.



Fly-N-Mark and his wife Judy treated us to a great run on January 1.


Mark suggested a few weeks before the end of the year that the winter would be far too long for us to wait for another drive after the great season that LVMOC had in 2004, so he offered up the idea of a top down Polar Bear run on January 1, 2005. 



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A review of the 2005 Meguiar's Detail day at Young Mazda

Past Club EventsMeguiar's Detail day at Young Mazda

What an event, huh? For some new members it was their first LVMOC gathering. Others spotted our gaggle and stopped in to investigate. I'll leave it to Tom aka Mosca and others to recap the event.

I want to take a moment to welcome the newest members of our Miata fan club. Please read on - click read more below.
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