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Monday, December 18 2017 @ 03:47 AM EST
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LV Eastern Wine Trail TSD Rally

Past Club Events

First - Thanks Iva for a beautiful day!


We started off in Easton Pa from The Best Western - formerly known as the Days Inn. They change hands so fast nowadays that one really can't be expected to keep up. The original meeting place was supposed to be behind Perkins in the lot where we met last year for the Great Shad Festival. However even that was undergoing change; massive construction was underway at the site, which was fenced off on three sides. The confusion caused us to lose one car - Bob & Joan missed the ride as they were waiting at another hotel (Color us apologetic for not leaving a cell phone number).

The route took us up 611 north, which is listed at Miata Drives as one of the better roads in PA, though not one of my favs because of traffic.

In fact, just after leaving Easton we managed to get stuck behind a tanker truck that could only muster up enough oomph to hit 30 MPH or so. That was a good thing for two reasons, first it didn't last too long and second, it gave us time to marvel at the clear blue sky covered with patches of hand painted white clouds in every shape imaginable.

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LVMOC'rs Visit the M'sters Annual Fall Event

Past Club Events

M'sters Fall Event - October 16th, 2004 by IBBugsy and Fly-N-Mark.

Once again the M'sters regional Fall Run was attended by LVMOC'rs. IBBugsy and Vickie, fly-n-mark and Judy, and Lee O took the drive up together. This was the 3rd Fall Run for IBBugsy & Vickie and the first for fly-n-mark & Judy, and Lee O.

Judy (a.k.a. RevLimiter) suggested that she and Mark go on this run, so Mark knew from the start that it was doomed to be a success. . . .


After the run, M'sters held a raffle back at the hotel where everyone won something. Being one of the first to be called, IBBugsy selected a "good" prize - a 5 piece Sears Ratcheting Wrench set. It appeared that everyone in the LVMOC group was towards to beginning of the raffle, so we all got some good prizes. This raffle was way beyond the call of duty, IMHO, for the M'sters and it was almost embarrassing to select a prize. They were not cheap.

Vickie and IBBugsy headed back to their daughter's place (another three hours of driving) while most everyone else had a party with the M'sters. I am sure Mark had his share of the Cherries!

Mark and Judy re-fueled (their stomachs) at Polly's Pancake Parlor on Sunday morning and wandered their way southbound, re-living old college memories of the Granite State. IBBugsy and Vickie returned a day later to the LVMOC homeland without incident.

The Fall Run (NH) and Spring Run (VT) sponsored by the M'sters Miata club is similar to our LVMOC June Pocono Run. They are both long day trips along beautiful scenic routes with about forty to fifty cars spread out in several smaller groups.

So if you are inclined towards this type of event, make it to one of these. It is a great way to spend a long weekend...

Total trip mileage - 1,304.

CB’s purchased - 3
Total smiles - Countless!


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