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Past Club Events
Hi Ron Gable here and I am happy to announce our first LVMOC Spring Fling Rally is planned for August 7th 2011 with a rain date of August 14th. 
The rally will begin with breakfast on your own at The Starlite Diner on Route 100 (just South of Route 78) at 8:30-10:00 AM. A rally is a form of friendly competition in which participating cars leave a starting point individually, and are directed to follow a more or less complicated route to a finish point ...... at which point all the competitors “rally”. 
This will in no way be a race.  In a race the idea is to get to the finish line in the shortest possible time. In this contest the aim is to follow the predetermined route, and to correctly answer questions the answers to which can be found along the way (sort of a treasure hunt). Time allowed for completion of the rally will be more than sufficient to complete the task. This contest is simply a test of your ability to follow precise directions.
Our LVMOC rally will cover approximately fifty miles. Directions will be simple so no previous experience will be necessary. The rally will basically be a nice drive through the country, over scenic back roads while searching for answers to a number of sometimes cryptic or challenging questions, answers to which can be found along the way. You will drive slowly since you will be scored on driving the “exact” route and distance, backtracking to locate missed answers will count against you. Of course, so will missing the answer. Bring your camera you will have plenty of time for pictures.
Obviously, this is NOT normally a one-man job. We strongly recommend two persons to a car ...... one to drive the other to “navigate”.   All you really need to participate is a pencil, a car, a love for driving, a roadmap in case you get lost, and the desire to have a good time.
General Instructions will be given to each navigator the morning of the rally. These “Generals” will explain how to correctly follow the route and the “Rules of the Road”.   Your rally master will go over the instructions in detail and will answer all questions at the drivers meeting prior to the start of the rally.
The first car will start at about 10:00 AM. The Route Instructions, your directions from the start to finish of the rally, will be given to each driver one-minute prior to his start time.  One of the cardinal rally rules is “NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING”, read your Generals carefully.
Hope you will all plan ahead to join us next summer for good food, good fun and good fellowship.  Complementary light Refreshments and toilet facilities will be available at the half-way point of the rally Food and drink will always be available at the end of the rally. Plan to come early and have breakfast prior to the 10:00 AM starting time.
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2009 LVMOC Year End Celebration

Past Club Events
Friendship, Good Food, Holiday Cheer and Door Prizes
2009 holiday gathering
December 13th at 1:00 PM may have marked the end another great year at LVMOC, but it also marked the beginning of our annual holiday party.  It was a balmy 31 degrees with snow a possibility and the salt trucks were out, but that did stop almost 50 members and guests from attending.
The first to arrive was Ed Trahan, as he had the farthest to drive - something that Ed does on a routine bases.  Others arrived soon after, some braving the impending weather in their Miata’s   
Festivities began earlier in the day when club officers arrived to set-up the door prizes courtesy of Mazda, and of course the projector and screen for the slide show. This year we suffered (and laughed) our way through some 1,700 photos taken by members throughout the year.  After a few false starts from a cranky laptop that insisted on rebooting, and a little help and moral support from Jerry Beck the show started.  Each photo was displayed on the big screen for about 6 seconds giving members plenty of time to relive the events they attended and marvel at the ones they missed. 
This year we had two rounds of door prize drawings, so each member received two gifts. Door prizes ranged from two brand new Miata’s (scale size of course) and other Mazda vehicle offerings, to battery powered Cell Phone chargers, to the ever popular heat activated Mazda Mugs, demonstrated by none other than our president. Special thanks to Pat McCully, Lucia Beck and Jerry Beck for running the raffle. Great job! 
After the meet and great, a few drinks, and plenty of reminiscing, the room fell quiet as we dined on fried chicken, baked ziti, meatballs, scalloped potatoes, meat and cheese platter, salads and of course fresh coffee and dessert. It’s tough to speak with a full mouth, and even tougher to take pictures, so there were no food shots.
As to the dessert… unfortunately the Éclairs went faster than mom’s apple pie - who would have thought that our members had such a sweet tooth - next year we will be sure to get a double order.
See you then and Happy Motoring!
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