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Sunday, February 25 2018 @ 10:26 AM EST
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The GAP By Ankay

Run Reviews

The Gap - a story of the adventures of Ankay

Got off work at 6:00, swapped the smelly rental for my bright and shiny playtoy, threw my bags in and I was off. Hit a ton of bad fog late at night and had my hazards going throughout PA. No animals gone berserk, thank goodness (I was kicking myself for not getting any deer horns before I left) even though what with the eighteen-wheelers getting bullish, air horns would’ve fared better.


That's me on the left. 

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Plain and Peanut

Run Reviews

Early in the 2008 driving season a few folks at the PhillyMini club were kicking around the idea of holding an event with another club, specifically a Miata club, and calling it the M&M run. They were looking for a club that enjoyed twisty roads as much as they do, and naturally, LVMOC came to mind. 

Talks of the run soon progressed to a firm commitment by both clubs and a date was set for the event, Saturday, August 16, 2008. 

Postings went up at both web sites and interest quickly built with 74 cars signing up. The final count was somewhat disappointing from a LVMOC perspective with around 26 Miata’s in the mix, which we attribute to the distance to the starting point; about an 80-minute drive from LVMOC headquarters.

Philly Mini was selling large window clings (far too big to paste on the small glass real estate of a Miata) and handed out goodie bags plus a CD of songs for the ride. That was a nice touch.  There was also a tray of homemade baked goods to snack on. 

With a cleaver twist to the M&M theme, the event offered up two routes, Plain and Peanut, with the Peanut route taking in a water crossing not to exceed 10” in depth.  Memory fails me, but I am sure that there were no Miatas signing up for that route.  Other than a slight fender bender when a Miata took a late turn and hit a much bigger OTM the event was uneventful.  The Miata car was slightly damaged and there were no injuries other than some dented pride, and the Miata finished the run.

The next M&N event fell to the LVMOC where Bill Pendlberry stepped up to plan a route closer to our home turf by ten minutes. Bill’s route started at a Duncan Donuts where LVMOC volunteers handed out iced water, goodie bags with snacks, as well as a CD compilation of driving songs, all with th word CAR in the lyrics.  The run ended at Blind Hartman’s Tavern where we feasted on a choice of four prearranged dishes.  This time there were twenty-four Miata’s out of the fifty-nine cars that signed up for the event and all of them completed the run with no incidents.

In 2011, organizing of the run fell to the Philly Mini club, where Mike, a long time resident of the Lehigh Valley promised us some roads closer yet to our home territory.  As expected, with a drive to the starting point of less than thirty minutes for most LVMOC members the Miata’s outnumbered the Mini’s by a slight margin with thirty-seven Miata’s out of the sixty-three cars in attendance.  Again, there was a CD filled with tunes and a goody bag handed out to each car, as well as swag such as pins and window clings offered up for sale. 


On top of just having fun and enjoying our cars, attendees gave back to the community by donating $335.00 to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation that fights childhood cancer.      


As a side note, ?those of you who attended the 2005 Pagoda run organized by Fly-N-Mark might remember ?one of the roads in this event, Benfield Road in Macungie.  Benifield Road is a nice long twisty road that heads down into a valley offering a great view and photo opportunity.


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