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There are NO upcoming events?

Club News

What better time than now for you to get involved.  The calendar is open, but don't be discouraged by that message "There are no upcoming events" as it means it is your chance to schedule a ride, tour, movie night, eating outing, hamburger run, beer or wine run, or whatever fits your fancy. 


Post your idea in the Upcoming Rides and Events forum and monitor the interest - as the saying goes "Build it and they will come", so don't be shy.  


We will see you on the road - till then Happy Motoring!

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Membership Dues

Club News

LVMOC welcomes our renewing members, Marianne Ruch, Peter Fernandez, Linda Milson,

and a special welcome to three NEW members, Bob Mauer, Tony Bauer and Richard Reidinger. 



We are pleased to announce that our dues structure for 2015 has not changed.  

$20 if your join date is between January 1st and March 31st

$15 if your join date is between April 1st and June 30th

$10 if your join date is between July 1st and December 31st


We encourage you to sign up for our annual Spring membership meeting where you get a chance to share your ideas, and the officers get to present the calendar for 2015, or join us in our spring tech day to learn how to do minor maintenance on your car.  

Check the club calendar for dates, but all upcoming events for the next 30 days will show on the left side of the homepage.


Hope to see you at an event soon, until then, 

Happy Motoring from your LVMOC team!


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Ride Planning Guidelines

Club News

Ride Planning:

  1. First, a club officer must agree to be present at the event for it to be an official club event. 
  2. Come up with an idea and post it on the website to gauge interest. The organizer must include the starting location, date, and start time for the event. The organizer of the event is responsible for preparing turn-by-turn instructions for the event. In some cases, events are free style and require no directions. 
  3. Once you have an officer signed on to attend, contact the club President to request the event be moved to the Upcoming Rides and Events forum as an official club event. Note: The webmaster may no move the event without approval from the club president 
  4. Before moving the post to the upcoming events forum, the president will verify that there are no conflicts with other events or projects, and that a club officer is available to attend the event. Once the event is posted as being an official LVMOC event, it becomes the responsibility of the event organizer to keep an updated attendance list by editing his/her post. 
  5. Sign-in sheets must contain the standard LVMOC waiver language and used for each official LVMOC event. The sign-in sheets must be turned over to either the President or the Secretary of the club after the event.

NOTE: Impromptu drives, meeting to catch a movie, impromptu lunch/dinner meetings, etc. are not official LVMOC events, but ay be organized using the club chit chat forum.


NOTE:  LVMOC insurance does not cover any member's car at any club event.


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A tribute To Dave

Club News
Comments from friends and family on Dave Raub's Passing
Dean - Dave...wherever you the sound guy a beer. He'll hook you up.
Dave Bates - Boy, I will miss his smile! That's what I remember the most about Dave. Whenever I saw him, whether at LVMOC or at Dan's Camera, he just never stopped smiling. Looking at the pictures up on Dan's Camera site just confirms it more. He also was quick with suggestions on my car and the antenna switch I have in my car is his design. I'm glad to have something that will continue to remind me of my friend for a long time. Words can't express my sorrow, but remembering his smile helps me make it through tough times. My grandmother always said “Don't expect others to make you happy. Make yourself happy” That’s how I'll remember Dave - always smiling.
Fuente  - We shared...scotch...cigars...and miatas... Thank you for sharing the simple things. Your work here was complete, you done good.
Pat - Dave lit up the Miata club in many ways--his enthusiasm on the forum when people asked about cameras and photography, his smile, just about everything. At one point, he hadn't visited the forum for awhile and I stopped by Dan's to ask what's up. He told me his computer was down with that big grin. I told him he better get up and running because we all miss him. He knew how we felt about him. I know we'll miss him now even more but he'll stay in our hearts.
Iva - Dave's enthusiasm and good humor, whether he was talking about cameras or cars, will be greatly missed. He was one of the friendliest people I've ever known and one of the warmest as well. Godspeed Dave.
Noel - I'll never forget Dave's smile and his wave as I joined the group at Marshall's Creek. He had the top down in the drizzle. What a guy!!God bless you Dave.
Ceril - I only met Dave three times. I am just glad that we met him at all. Dave had about the best personality of anyone I've ever been acquainted with. We first met at the snowy tech day, when Dave and Louis competed to be the faster baby-tooth remover from Ceril's Miata. On the morning of June 1, while sitting at Pat's table, we spoke about music...actually, I spoke and Dave enthusiastically listened. We will miss you Dave. Thanks for your gracious and joyful ways.
Sharon & Louis - Dave is the perfect example of how life should be lived – helpful - exuberant - and always that big smile. He was a leader and happiness followed.
Jan H. - As a relatively new LVMOC member I haven't had the opportunity to attend the club events. So I've never had the opportunity to meet Dave, but I kind of through the Internet bonded with the LVMOC fellow members and was looking forward to finding a day to join one of the events. My heart goes out to Dave's family and friends, my sincere condolences.
Kirk - David Raub was a fantastic individual. Enthusiastic, energetic, compassionate... and always that huge smile. He had a radiant personality and a contagious attitude... and I loved it. You could talk with Dave about anything and everything. He had such a zest for life. I'm happy to have known him both inside and outside of this club. It wasn't until today, at his funeral, that I realized just how radiant and inspiring Dave was. Hundreds of people flocked to pay their respects, say their goodbyes, offer their support, and just... be a friend. I'm honored to have been a part of that. Dave truly was the nice guy that you just don't think could exist. I miss him dearly, and my heart goes out to all those whose lives he touched. For as much as he loved this club, we loved him even more...
Don and Carol - Dave, I will sorely miss you. Thanks for all the years we shared in life. Keep that smile. I will always love you little brother. Murf
Kevin W. - It's amazing how much your life can change in just a few long days. And although the tears still come, I'm starting to think about all of the good things. I'm starting to see a little bit of Dave in everyone he touched - and a little bit in me. The world is looking brighter as I try to see things as he saw them. I'm going to keep on smiling since that's the way Dave would want it. So where to go from here? While I still grieve, I'm looking forward towards the future. The next topdown drive, the next time I get to spend time with my friends, the next time I make a new friend. Cause you know what? Today's a peanut day and I'm going to make the most out of it. Farewell Dave... I miss you terribly.
Tracey - Dave... Thank you for showing me how life should be lived. I will always remember your smile and cherish the memories that I have of you. I will miss you......
Rob & Cindy - Before we departed for our ride on Sunday, I remember watching Dave leaving to run an errand or something. It was still raining a little, but there was Dave with the top down and heading out, looking quite dashing in his beautiful car with his hair slicked back. My thoughts of Dave at exactly that moment was “now there's a happy guy, enjoying his car and his life” I will miss Dave for his friendship and his exuberance. May we all find peace in knowing that Dave cared for all of us.
Joe L. - I had only met Dave on the day of the Pocono Run but my heart goes out to all. I am at a loss for words.
Eric - You went for a drive and never came back. May the roads you now travel be endless, may the sun always shine, may the music always... awww, heck. Dave ”Let's go!!!” I'll miss ya buddy!
Steve W. - The joy of knowing him and the pain of his loss was profound for all who knew him. Truly a measure of the man.
Darin & Mary  P. - Here's offering the prayers of my family to the friends and family of Dave. In dealing with Dave over the internet, I was greatly impressed at how personal he was. He'll be greatly missed. It's not often that such a great impression of an individual is formed, without ever meeting them in person.
Randy C. - Rest in peace and may the fun roads never end.
Jean P. - Dear miata members... i wish i could accurately express how grateful i am for all the support, photos, and concern from all of you! David and i enjoyed everyone's company!! you are all wonderful friends!! after some time passes, i would like to see you again. you all were such a big part of his life and he would want the club to continue on. again thank you all!!
Jim - I'm so sorry.
Eric S. - I sit here lost in this darn rain, again today, wondering where is my friend. It's real touching to come here and read the kind words. I've now spoken with several club members - you're “good eggs”. Thanks for sharing your lives with David and letting him come into yours. I'm sure you're all richer for the experience. Keep on doing what you're doing. He loved the fellowship. God Bless.
Jon D. - David, my friend, you enriched my life. It was an honor to be your friend. I will miss you, but will never forget you. Fare thee well, Peace.
Tom Raub - Thanks so much for all the kind words and thoughts. Dave really enjoyed life. Family, friends, the Miata Club, the Grateful Dead, and photography were all important parts of his life. Keep on enjoying the open roads of beautiful Pennsylvania. His Brother.
Chris W. - I met Dave once through my brother Kevin. He gave us a tour of Dan's. Dave was one of the most friendly and warm people I've met. He made such an impression on me in that one hour that I was around him. To his family and friends, I am sorry for your loss.
Alan B. - This is such a tragedy, I'm so sorry it happened. Dave was a good guy who I enjoyed getting to know.
Marissia Raub - My Father was such a wonderful man. He thoroughly enjoyed the little things in life. He is a perfect example on how to live your life! Dad, you will never be forgotten. Your spirit will always live on. I LOVE YOU! For the Miata Club Members, thank you so much for all your love and support. He loved Magic, his Miata and the club very much. Thank God for that smile. It will live in our memories forever. Thank you everyone for everything. Thank you to everyone for everything.
Rob - I only knew Dave for a short period of time. I was in his company twice, the last time was at CARBQ3. We spoke quite a bit about our cars and you could see he truly loved his Miata. Many of you have spoke about his smile, I too agree that it was infectious. He was such a friendly person that he made me feel like I knew him for much longer than I did. I will miss him and only wish that I had more time to get to know him better. Rest in Peace Dave.
Harry & Sedora Raub, Mom and Dad - Mere words fail to convey our sense of loss. We are overwhelmed by the response of David's LVMOC fellow Miata enthusiasts. We thank you for all that you have done to help us through these dark days. David was lucky to have associated with such a fine group
Bob and Karen U. - Sorry for your loss. Praying for the family.
Shari K. - It was only a month ago that Dave took home the old Omega enlarger from the darkroom of South Mountain Middle School and tried to fiddle and fix the switch. Despite his expertise in the field of fiddling and fixing, the switch was too far gone, but our Photography Club and myself are forever grateful that he took his personal time to help us out. I will miss his smile when I walk into Dan's. I will miss his stories of his big brother Tom who teaches with me at South Mountain. I will miss his words of advice of raising a teenage daughter as my daughter is 15 and he so loved his own daughter. May he rest in peace.
Scott B. - I worked with Dave at Dan's Camera for over 9 years. I saw him more than some of my family. Those of us at Dans will never stop missing his always energetic presence. I think Dave invented full contact retail. I bumped shoulders and butted heads with him many times! How many times over the next few months will I be in a situation where I would say, “Go ask David” and I will have to pause take a breath and do what he would do to fix the problem. Dave I'll miss your smile, and who will ride me about getting product out on the sales floor so we can sell it! Hope the fishing’s good wherever you are.
Julianne - I had the joy of knowing David as my supervisor for the last 3 years at Dans. He had an energy that no one else could surpass. He was always doing 10 things at the same time or waiting on 3 customers at the same time (a davism.) He will be missed very much by us all. This is going to be a huge adjustment for everyone that knew him. Sadness for many is overwhelming, but keep the joyful memories of him close to your heart, for that will make your heart smile.
J.A. R. @ Dans - Very few people had the ability of so much passion through both good and bad times! Mostly good as I have seen. David I salute you and will miss you. I wish I would have had the chance to get to know you more. BMW-Miata It's all about the ride!!! :-(
Jean - I had a big crush on David since I was 17.So did about half of my schoolmates. We would write notes to one another about the cute, friendly guy we knew to be David, and how special he was. 5 years ago I had the good opportunity to work for Dans Camera City and work one on one with David. I told him of my schoolgirl crush, and he just blushed and gave me 'the smile'. There is not much of my younger years that I agree with, but loving David Raub was a good.
Jennifer - I pray for your family David! I miss you and think about you often. Your energy for living life was so wonderful. I pray for Marissa often.
Gene - There isn't much I can add to the things I have already said, except to say that I will be reminded Dave in every picture I take with the camera I got from him.
Cindy G. - All I can say is; I was just getting to know him - he was my favorite sales guy, and gave me confidence when I was afraid to cover a wedding. That smile, his great smile, and those sparkling eyes. The day I found out he was no longer with us, I was going to pick up some prints. I specifically waited until he came back from vacation. I was going to ask him if he had a girlfriend, and if he'd be interested in having a drink (Sorry Jean, I didn't know there was you). When I asked for him at the counter, the salesman could barely tell me - he said “Dave passed”. At first, I smiled and thought he was kidding. I couldn't comprehend.... then, as shock set in, the only words I could muster were: You just ruined my entire day! I left the store, went home and cried every single day for more than a week. I found comfort though, in prayer, and I pray for Dave and thank him for being such a blessing in my life for the short time I knew him. Dave, you are so sadly missed. Take care cutie pie! Smile that smile for God! From your friend, the stressed out wedding photographer.
Julie - David, Everyday, I think of something you said to me, a hug you gave me, how you would call Raven---“Killer”. You are in the hearts of so many people that you have touched. You have set an example on how to live your the fullest... always smiling, always laughing. You are missed and thought of often.
Alan B. - I'd known David for almost 20 years working with him at Dan's, we went to lunch together almost every day, It’s taken me this long to write because I couldn't even express my thoughts. So here it goes: David you were like a big brother to me, that smile always encouraging! Telling me to “Get Focused” when I would stray from the task at hand or at the pool table. I'll miss the Pool, the Fishing, the Music; I guess I'll never get that CD copy you promised :-). May the wind be in your face, the sun on your back and the fishing be great wherever you may roam! I Miss You!!!!! Your Friend Always.
Louise R. - First to David's family... God Bless you and may you find comfort in knowing that he is with God and his presence will always be with you. When I first started going to Dan's, David was the first salesman that I met and since I was just beginning to learn photography, he always took the time to answer and thoroughly explain in detail any questions or problems that I had encountered with my pictures. I would call him and knowing the volume of customers that are in Dan's daily, he would not discourage me from calling but would take the time to walk me through whatever problem I needed his help with. He always had a great smile and when greeting me, always called me by name. David, thank you for your help and encouragement and I will miss seeing your friendly face and hearing “Hi Louise” when I walk into the store.
Nick N. - How time goes matters and few visits to Dan's. And then 2004 Digital without David and the revelation of his accident. Sorrow and prayers for such a good soul and his family and friends. What lives on is the joy he brought and shared.
Melissa W. - I cannot believe it's been a year. David, you are still deeply missed. Today nothing but Greatful Dead graced the airwaves at Dan's...and tie-dye was worn proudly in your honor.
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LVMOC Logo Items are Available!!!

Club News

Show your LVMOC enthusiasm visiting and purchasing logo items on the newly minted LVMOC Store located on Cafe Press.

image image

How better to show your LVMOC spirit than cruising around in authentic LVMOC logo apparel?  Cafe Press OFFERS LVMOC BRANDED shirts, hats, travel mugs and even mousepads.  You can outfit yourself, your signficant other and even your pet through our CAFE PRESS store.  


Choose your styles, choose your colors - it makes for great gift idea just in time for the holiday season. 

Thanks and happy motoring!

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Welcome LVMOC Club members and web site users - let's plan a ride!

Club News

It is our hope that more people will share their favorite roads, destinations or eating places with the LVMOC family. We at LVMOC realize that many of you live busy lives, but we also know that the more events we have, the better the chance that someone will be free on that day to participate.

We encourage every LVMOC member to participate in event planning by posting your idea in our Ride and Event planning forum.

What do you need to do to lead or plan an event? Just,

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LVMOC News Letter

Club News

We apologize for not following through with our promise to provide a newsletter - it seems that we cannot get anyone interested in contributing and the volunteer officer's are already tasked with other club activities. Updated June 2015.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact any officer.  



The year is winding down, tops are up more than they used to be, and the leaves are falling from the trees. 2009 was a year filled with sun, fun and events for the Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club. In an effort to capture the moments of this past year, the LVMOC team has produced a “Year in Review”.

Attached is the first in what will be regular publications for LVMOC Members and those interested in finding out more about our club and what we offer.

Click Here for The Complete Newsletter in PDF format

Look for future editions to include reviews of past events, descriptions of upcoming events, Mazda news, tech tips, and member profiles. Please consider submitting an article for publication - member participation is what makes our club a success. We hope you enjoy reading the year in review and look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Until then, Happy Motoring

The LVMOC Team



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August 16, 2009 Membership Meeting Minutes

Club News A general membership meeting of the LVMOC was held on Sunday, August 16, 2009 at Red Robin, Northampton Crossings, Easton, PA. Officers in attendance were President Louis DePaul, Vice President Eric Derr, Governor John Petro, Treasurer Bruce Buchner and Secretary Iva Ferris. The meeting was called to order at 2:15 pm.
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Detail Kit

Club NewsDetail kit complete with carrying bag.
  • Meguiar's DA Polisher G110 (Retail $179.99)
  • Meguiar's 6.5" Foam Pad (Retail $13.99)
  • Meguiar's Professional 16oz Bottle
  • Mirror Glaze (Retail $12.49)
  • Hi Tech Wax (Retail $13.99)
  • Hi Tech Wash (Retail $7.49)
  • Fine Cut Cleaner (Retail $11.49)
  • Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner (Retail $11.49)
  • Final Inspection (Retail $7.49)
  • Quick Care Auto Detailing Kit (Include the Following) (Retail $24.49 each)

    • 16oz Bottle Quick Detailer
    • 16oz Bottle Quick Interior Detailer
    • 16oz Bottle Quick Wheel Detailer
    • One Micro Fiber Towel
    • Sample Pack of Swirl X
    • Sample Pack of Ultimate Compound
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LVMOC Gallery

Club News


Have you visited our Photo Gallery yet? With literally thousands of photos covering most events, there is a lot to see. You can get there by clicking on CLUB INFORMATION in the blue bar that runs accross the screen and the selecting Gallery.

Once there, you will see several separate albums grouped by year.  Click one and you will find sub albums.  Click any album to see the contents.  Note that all photos are displayed at the same size, but larger versions are available if you click on the opened photo. 

In the album titled Our Rides, you will find two sub-albums: one with photos of members cars, and the other called Miatas We Miss. These contain photos of member cars that have been sold, or those that reached the end of their life.

We encourage all web site users to submit a photo of their cars for inclusion in the Our Rides album; perhaps with the owner standing beside it. Paid members may upload their photos directly to this album; others may submit their photo via email to any officer for inclusion in the album.



Random photo from our Gallery

UN Polar 2011
Browse Album

Miata Plates


What's New

Media Gallery last 7 days