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Sunday, February 25 2018 @ 06:18 AM EST
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 Shocks again
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John Matras
By: John Matras (offline)  Monday, May 01 2017 @ 12:24 PM EDT (Read 298 times)  
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OK, I know that this is a very subjective question, but it's past time to replace the stock shocks on my '90 with an alleged 43k miles (I really don't trust the odometer). Symptoms are bottoming too easily and shimmy after hitting bumps. There's no drooling--the car kjust passed inspection and I got out in the shop and got to look at the bottom of the car on a lift. Alighment and wheel balance are good and tires are fresh.


Anyway, I'm looking for alternatives, and since I'll be paying for new shocks anyway, I'm thinking, what's out there? I don't want adjustables. I don't plan on autocrossing, at least nothing serious and I wouldn't want anything that would move me up a class. I also don't want to go down the rabbit hole of performance upgrades. I'm not going to be racing anyone, so a few points of lateral g doesn't matter than much. (I was satified with a '72 Fiat 850 Spider, so. Wait, I would have been happy with double horsepower there because 0-60 for that car was in the nieghborhood of 17 seconds. But running a straight pipe, it was fun enough, and it really wasn't louder than most lawnmowers...).


But I digress.  I'm curious with anyone's experience with "street shocks", such as Koni SRT.T compared to stock shocks. I'm not looking for "best," because I know the answer is "best for what?"



Other than that, I'm looking at replacing my timing belt--well, the car's timing belt--because 27 years. Plus the cam timing sensor is leaking and acting a little too much like a British car. But that's all fodder for another post. Shocks for now.

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Alan Alan Alan
By: Alan Alan Alan (offline)  Monday, May 01 2017 @ 12:49 PM EDT  
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Ii have continued satisfaction with KYB products.  I've used them for all my cars.

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Mike C
By: Mike C (offline)  Monday, May 01 2017 @ 06:00 PM EDT  
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My '94 had KYB GR2 shocks on it and I was very pleased with them.  They are more or less an OEM replacement.  Nothing fancy, but they work well.  Not horribly expensive, either.

They might be called Excel-G these days, rather than GR2, but it's the same thing.

2003 Shinsen Version #789, 5MT, 182k miles

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By: STS_Smurf (offline)  Tuesday, May 02 2017 @ 10:04 AM EDT  
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I had Koni STR.T's on my first '90 and they were very good.  I also have them on my winter-daily-driver Mazda3 now and they have again proven to be very good street shocks.


I had KYB AGX 8-position adjustables on my recent beater '90 and they too were good, and even though you might not use the adjustability for autocross etc, it can be nice to set it where you want it for the street and then leave it there.


Depending on your location, I just did TB/WP/hoses/CAS seal/etc a month ago on my '90 if you need any pointers.

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John Matras
By: John Matras (offline)  Thursday, May 25 2017 @ 04:11 PM EDT  
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Well, I went ahead and got the Koni ST.R shocks and I'm quite happy with them. Of course, even leather pad friction shocks of a 1905 would have been better than the 27 year old shocks that were on the on the car. But of course the installer didn't thighten down the right rear and it immediately rattled and I could make it click by bouncing the rear of the car with my hand. (What, no test drive?) I could have fixed it myself but I didn't/don't have a socket deep enough to get over the shaft. So it was back for a tightening and an apology.

But for I'm-not-racing-anyone, the ST.R is just fine.

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