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Saturday, December 16 2017 @ 07:09 PM EST

Detail Day Review

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A review of our first detail day by Tom B. as posted to the web.

Detailing small cars (without tops) is like eating cashews; once you start, you have to finish them all! 

11 cars in 12 hours. It was really 10 cars in 9 hours, but Dave showed up late and we did his car after dinner. The rain held off most of the day; Curt donated his house & 3 stall garage, so it was wash & clay outside, move 'em in and polish/glaze/wax, move 'em out and do the interiors.

I stuck to tried and true products that the folks could get anywhere; Clay Magic, Meg's #9, 3M SMR, IHG, Mother's Cal Gold Carnuba paste, stuff like that. I brought DACP for heavy work, and the Menzerna twins and PPCL for special situations, but mostly the standard stuff. I DID finish my old bottle of Eagle One Sealant Glaze; that is one nice product. Is it still available? It's like IHG, but suitable for the PC. (I just checked the website, nothing there. Oh, well.) It is easier to work with than #7, by far.

The fun was in revealing to everyone, even those who already used "3-step", the power of the PC7424. Veils were lifted from eyes; I'm sure I sold several for this coming week. 

I'll write some product reviews tomorrow or Tuesday, after my 49-year-old joints stop hurting. The product that I enjoyed using the most was the Mother's California Gold Carnuba Paste; this is coming from a dedicated Souveran user, mind you. A really great combination that you can get at Pep Boys, one that will really pull your eyes out, is IHG followed by MCGP. (Mothers California Gold Paste; did I coin a new acronym?) IHG and 3M SMR are both great. Meg's #9 and SMR yield essentially the same results, IMO, but get worked a little bit differently. E1SG is no longer available, but if it was, I'd be raving about it as a machine glaze. A product that I don't use that impressed me is the Zaino; it's super reflective, I can see the candy-coat look that everyone mentions but it's not that there is NO depth, just that it's overwhelmed by the reflectiveness. I think it's a certain look for certain cars; great on some, not as good on others. 

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