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Monday, December 18 2017 @ 03:55 AM EST

The Adventures of Car Hobby

Carol and I have been involved in car hobby since I happened to knock on her door some years ago to ask about an old Ford truck parked out by the garage. At the time I owned an old Jeep and a Porsche that I had purchased new a few years before. While I was unable to make a deal on the old Model A Truck, I made a better deal by marrying Carol. With her support many other collector car deals following bringing us up to the early fall of last year when I made arrangements to sell another old Ford on eBay.

After a chap in California made the winning bid on the Ford, his wife decided to kill the deal by draining the family savings account of 'all' moneys. As it happened, another chap was interested in this old Ford and after the dust settled we made a deal with a bit better pay out and this Model A headed off to Minnesota.

With cash in hand, I was soon off to Fall Hershey to check out the Car Corral only to find that a restored MG would cost more than the money now in hand and there would be no warranty.

Hmmm, with CD's paying so little, what about replacing one old fun car with a new fun car, a new fun car with a warranty. What about a Miata, a car I'd test driven a few years before so off I went to the local MX-5 store after reaching out to see what cars were out there. Young's had a nice Blue Grand Touring, but a bit far from my Berks County home and I'd delt with them some years before after buying a new VW Sirocco - nice people, but a bit too far.

Another hobby is aviation photography and flying out of Queen City, Scott's is just down the street and this where I met Touni Murra, a true car guy and after capturing all the details, he reached out to New England for my first choice of a Copper Red Grand Touring with tan top and satilite radio system and I still had some money left over in pocket after the earlier Ford deal.

To truly appreciate THE FIVE, one has to have driven other sports cars and this one has it all over my 914 plus others - what a neat fun car. Having flagged at SCCA Races some years back plus held membership in various sports car clubs, I mailed off my dues to LVMOC. Winter pretty much held our FIVE in the car barn over winter and in late March Carol flew off to England for some gal shopping for collectables with Anne from South Yorkshire, a good friend we first met with her husband Steve when we joined them and others for a three day car tour in and about the Yorkshire Dales. We've since exchanged any number of visits with them and other folks living in the UK, all a result of links made around the world via the internet with other car hobby folk.


As it happened, Carol got caught up with that Icelantic Volcano business thus adding another two weeks to her planed two week vacation while all the time I got busy with some major home improvement projects which have kept us pretty busy and away from some of the fun things such as car hobby. A bright spot was the long awaited publication of an article with pictures I wrote where our antique chevy truck was featured on the Chevy Page of "VINTAGE TRUCK" joining a list of other articles I've written for National Car Hobby Publications.

We did manage a hundred plus mile run with some other Miata owners. As suggestion and perhaps I've missed finding a list of other LVMOC members and contact information with phone number, eMail link, and home address - we've found membership rosters from other clubs invaluable as we've reached out across the States and around the World. Just this spring, a couple we first connected with before they moved from Russia stopped by with their young son after flying in from Canada.

As 2010 comes to an end Carol and I have been out on the road checking out our plans for a two day covered bridge tour with two transportation museum visits, and an over night at a ski resort.

Just maybe we'll be linking up with some of you folks along the road.


GOD SPEED Peter & Carol Noyes

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