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Monday, December 18 2017 @ 03:52 AM EST

How to view only NEW POSTS since your last visit

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Each time that you visit LVMOC and log on, a cookie is set on your machine.  Don't get excited, it is not the kind that you can eat, it tells us when you last visited.  The software uses that information to show you only those posts that have changed since your last visit.  Looking to the left side of any page in the RESOURCES BLOCK at the bottom a line that reads Mark all FORUMS read.  Clicking on that will mark ALL FORUMS and ALL POSTS read. The next time that you log on the software will show you all the new posts since your last visit by simply clicking on the "View All New Posts" .  It too is locate under the RESOURCES block on the left of any page.  Once you view a post, it is marked so that it does not show as unread.  If you elect not to read some posts, and want them to not show as unread in your next visit, just  click on Mark All Forums read before you leave. Remember, not all items at the site are visible if you ar no logged in

How to cancel email notifications - look at the blue bar running across the home page.  Select "Cancel Email Notifications."  That's it - you are done.

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