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Monday, December 18 2017 @ 04:00 AM EST

A road less worn and Dreams

Grab Bag - Misc.Life

What if life were just a highway,
and people just a car.
We would start out at the on ramp,
and if lucky, we'd go far.

The road would be as wide as needed
to accommodate the mass,
of people driving in separate lanes,
each according to their class.

You might stop along the roadside
to slow your journey down.
But the end keeps getting closer
with each passing town.

You could elect to change your lane
to pass a slower car.
But looking in your rear view mirror
you'd still be who you are.

If you could choose to be a Cadillac
the road you might unbend.
Your trip would be both fast and smooth,
but the end is still the end.

But what if there were other roads
stop and think my friends.
Each with different entrances
and each with different ends

Would you still choose to be that caddie,
or some other easy ride?
Or would you blaze new paths, new trails.
Could you be a four wheel drive?

Choose the highway that you are born on.
Choose to follow not to steer.
Or choose to heed your heart my friend
live life without the fear.

For the end is sure to come
too soon for some it seems.
But me, I have another plan
a road less worn, and dreams!


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