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Saturday, December 16 2017 @ 07:10 PM EST

What Is an LVMOC Member?

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So what exactly is a member of LVMOC and how is that different from a registered user of our web site?

First, a paid club member is a person! It is not a Miata, it is not a registered web site user, it is not a couple and it is not a family. Rather it is a real live person who paid dues to join LVMOC, one who enjoys all the rights and benefits of that membership.


Some families have multiple paid members in LVMOC. Each paid member enjoys the ability to vote for club officers, hold office, have their own LVMOC email address, upload and store photo's in a personal gallery, enjoy discounts or free entry to club events, and generally add to the enjoyment that we all get from making the club work.


A registered web site user may post to the forums and has additional access over and above that of a non-registered or a guest user.


To join the LVMOC club as a paid member, please fill out the registration form and send your check or money order to Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club, P.O. Box 90602, Allentown, PA.


You may send your membership fee using Paypal. When doing so we ask that you send your membership fee as a "gift" to eliminate Paypal charges. When using PayPal we still require your contact information as described on the application form. Please email that information to


We hope to see you at an event soon - until then, Happy Motoring!

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