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Friday, July 29 2016 @ 06:06 AM EDT

Summer is here.  The Sun is HOT.  Guess what?  You can drop your top!  Better yet - time to DRIVE.  Some of our upcoming events are listed below.  For a complete list visit our Upcoming Events section and for a quick check on our schedule click here.  Zoom-Zoom!


Eastern Wine Trail


September 11, 2016


Iva will be leading this classic LVMOC event along the Eastern portion of the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail


Click HERE  to let us know you are coming


There is no substitue for Miata's and wine.  Come join us!!!

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Breakfast Drives!


Ths 'stig' is hosting meetings at various breakfast joints and did we say TOP DOWN DRIVES?

Check out the UPCOMING RIDES AND EVENTS SECTION  for details and the next breaksfast run!!!


2016 (part 2) Membership Meeting; September 2016

Come on out for out 2nd Membership Meeting.  We will review business, but more importantly have some FUN!

Let us know you are coming by clicking HERE

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Miatas and MINI's


October 1, 2016


It is time.,,  again.  Let's Get Miata's and MINI's (or MINI's and Miata's) together for a drive in our neck of the woods.


A long time in planning and a great day for all!


Details to follow





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