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Sunday, February 14 2016 @ 03:54 PM EST

It's only January and our first event is under our belts.

To join in on the fun keep an eye on this front page and our calendar for upcoming rides and events! 


Lou Turn Memorial Decals are now available

See all the details



Polar Bear 2016!!!


Held Friday January 1st, 2016


The first top-down drive of the LVMOC year


Click HERE to see our member and guest feedback!

LVMOC Annual Holiday Party

Sunday December 6


A great time was had by all LVMOC members and their guests at our annual Holiday Party.  Click HERE to read the reviews!

LVMOC Elections

Click the link to see the 2016 Officers of LVMOC.  Details of the nominations can be read HERE  Keep on Zoomin' in 2016!!!



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LVMOC Elections

Club News

The Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club has announced the 2016 Board Members/Officers. 


Your new/returning Officers are:


President:  Eric Derr

Vice President:  Matt Edwards

Treasurer:  David Sell

Secretary:  Tom Davies

Governor:  Ken Hill


Due to the fact that there was only one nomination for each office received, the Judges have called the election completed with at least one vote cast for each nominee.


Congratulations to our new Officers for the year 2016


To view the profiles of the 2016 Officer please click HERE


Valley Weather

Click for Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Forecast

Random photo from our Gallery

Valley Forge fall fling - AKA the 954
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