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Friday, September 04 2015 @ 03:46 AM EDT

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Why would you NOT want to go on a wine run?  Sign up now for Iva's Easter Wine Trail.

Sunday, September 20 2015 

By Iva


It's for drivers

By Matt

Thursday 24-Sep thru 
Sunday 27-Sep

A DAM good ride with two hill climbs, one dam, food and maybe some fall foliage!

By Louis and Sharon

Saturday, September 26 2015 

Vermont Fall

DIY Weekend

By Ralph and Becky

October 01 2015

Western Wine Trail 2015

Saturday October 3

By Eric and Michelle 

This classic and well attended event was first organized by Eric back in 2005 and has always been a club favorite. Eric is bringing it back again this year for the 10th anniversary. 

LVMOC Elections

Stay tuned for an update on how you can help your club by serving as an officer in 2016




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LVMOC Elections

Club News

The Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club will be holding elections in September for the following positions. 


President - Vice-President - Treasurer  - Secretary - Governor


Please note that all positions are considered open at the end of each year, and that any member in good standing may nominate any other member in good standing, or his or her self, for any office.  Members may accept or decline their nomination. 


There will be a two-week period to complete nominations with electronic voting by email taking place in October, and those elected taking office January1, 2016.


The names of those who have accepted nominations will be posted at the web site prior to the election. 


We encourage those interested in the club to show their support by taking an active roll in the process either by running for office, or by nominating someone who they feel will serve the club well, and of course, by voting during the election.


The judges for the LVMOC elections this year are Pat McCully and Bruce Buchner.


Look for an election update from them by September 15th.  

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What Is an LVMOC Member?

Club News

So what exactly is a member of LVMOC and how is that different from a registered user of our web site?

First, a paid club member is a person! It is not a Miata, it is not a registered web site user, it is not a couple and it is not a family. Rather it is a real live person who paid dues to join LVMOC, one who enjoys all the rights and benefits of that membership.


Some families have multiple paid members in LVMOC. Each paid member enjoys the ability to vote for club officers, hold office, have their own LVMOC email address, upload and store photo's in a personal gallery, enjoy discounts or free entry to club events, and generally add to the enjoyment that we all get from making the club work.


A registered web site user may post to the forums and has additional access over and above that of a non-registered or a guest user.


To join the LVMOC club as a paid member, please fill out the registration form and send your check or money order to Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club, P.O. Box 90602, Allentown, PA.


You may send your membership fee using Paypal. When doing so we ask that you send your membership fee as a "gift" to eliminate Paypal charges. When using PayPal we still require your contact information as described on the application form. Please email that information to


We hope to see you at an event soon - until then, Happy Motoring!


Valley Weather

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