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  Upcoming events below  - click any photo to register  ~


Link--> Bill's <--Link

Where memories are brought to life.

We have a few different curvy roads lined up to get us there and of course, a food stop afterwards.  


Membership Meeting ~ Open to all!  

Just click the photo to tell us you are coming


LVMOC Membership Meeting

Please join us Aug 16 at 

Hops Fogelsville Hotel

7921 Main St
Fogelsville, PA 18051

where we will discuss the road ahead.


 ONOCOP  it's the Pocono done in reverse.  Be there Aug 23rd to see how it's done.  Sign up >HERE<  


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You say it's your birthday?

Club News

Well not the exact day, but if you filled out your info correctly

it looks like this month you did or will celebrate a birthday. 


Bill Anderson
David Boyer
Joanne DaCunha
Virginia Falcone
Ralph Fenner
John Jago
George Mack III
Phil Rosenberg
Susan Schreck
Janice Sell
Alfons (Al) Setzer
Arnold Wang
Marie Davis

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Vanity Plates

Grab Bag - Misc.Are you thinking about a vanity plate for your Miata?  Something that will make your car stand out, something that makes a statement, or conveys a personal message?


Then you may want to visit our gallery to check out Miata plates from around the country and around the world. We have collected 1,065 + examples as of June 2015 sorted A-Z by state, and then by name - and all are just a mouse click away.

Click Here


If you come across a unique plate and do not see it listed, feel free to snap a picture and send it to us at and we will add it to the interwebs biggest collection of Miata plates.

Maybe you see a bad picture of your plate and have a better one?  Send it in and we will swap it out for the better photo. 


Valley Weather

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Random photo from our Gallery

Evan K at Erics
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